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Release Date November 9th, 2021





It’s raining men, oh, yes, it is.  We’ve been promising and now we have delivered an all-male group of models for our genre page.  To find these guys just click reviews and  you can see our hit parade for the month of July.  While you’re here step on over and get a look at our reviews and our promotional packages for this month. We’ve had such a great turnout for our special in June that we are keeping our discount on promotions for the entire month of July.  We also now have three Romance Couples of the month which is incredibly hard when it comes to choosing who wins. Especially, when you have such excellent heroes and heroines in these books. And before I forget, don’t you forget, about Mary Morgan’s Viking novel, Rorik, which was released on the last day of June. Marilyn Barr also has a new book coming out called Smoother Than Spumoni, and not to be left behind by any means, Liz Crowe’s latest romance Backup Offer is also coming out this month. It’s going to be some awesome reading possibilities for those looking to break in a new author. And since someone mentioned breaking in, check out the genre guys.  We’re talking eye candy!  


Whoo hoo!  Talking about men, one of our men who he and the heroine were voted Romantic Couple of the Month for April, well his author just won 1st place for Western for 2020!  Read all about Jesse & Trinity if you haven't read Undercover Outlaw yet.

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