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Tuesday, February 16, 2021


A Thank You Authors Promotional Gift.

Mistress of Book Reviews appreciates all the authors who have gone out of their way to let others know about our new business.  We’ve had some technical difficulties, resulting in the site going down for a few days, and we know how irritating that can be when you are on a schedule and can’t find what you need. Because of this unexpected event, both standard and deluxe promotional packages will be offered at a $5.00 discount to the first twenty authors who reserve a package for their books. This would be a wonderful time to get some added pre-release buzz going. As always, we’re looking forward to helping authors widen their reader base.

                                                       Release date July 21st 2021                            Already out!



                                             Release date June 30th                                                         Out Now!


                                                                                                 Out Now